Rottderdam, Netherlands

Rotganzen Studio is a Dutch art collective bridging art and design in the tradition of American Pop culture and the Italian Radical Design movement. With critically acclaimed works publicly and privately displayed and collected, Rotganzen draws inspiration from the cultural zeitgeist to shift the context of everyday objects into sculptural art through intricate use of color and material.

A visual metaphor of glamour nights in clubs like Studio 54, Paradise Garage, and The Roxy - Quelle Fete delicately balances the elegance and melancholic glory reminiscent of 1970s nightlife in a series of glass mirror melted disco ball obiect d'art. Painstakingly hand-sculpted in the Rotganzen studio and released only in limited editions or exclusive originals, and more recently, integrated into delicate and carefully crafted furniture pieces, Quelle Fete is currently one of the most coveted collector’s series around.

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