Amelia Briggs

Amelia Briggs

Nashville, Tennessee

Amelia Briggs is a Nashville-based designer known for her innate ability to transform reclaimed materials into playful yet sophisticated forms that evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia. With abstract works featured in numerous publications and exhibitions in Paris, Florence, London and throughout the United States, Amelia creates character-filled pieces that marry form and function.

Pushing the limits of material and craftsmanship, Amelia molds irregular three-dimensional anthropomorphic designs through an experimental process using reclaimed materials like latex, oil, panel and glass.

Produced entirely by hand, the exclusive mirror collection for Gallery is a testament to Amelia's inventive approach to craftsmanship with a lineup of sculptural mirrors unique in proportion, shape and personality. Due to the intrinsic nature of material and distinct process, each design is rare and insists on its own unique presence in the space it inhabits.

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