Designer Lighting Fixtures & Luxury Lighting | Kelly Wearstler



Lighting is the unifying element of an interior and impacts how other design components work in tandem with one another. From modern contemporary ceiling fixtures to luxury table lamps, wall sconces and statement chandeliers, the right lighting fixture can make ceilings appear higher, highlight design focal points, and evoke an inviting ambiance. Sculptural floor lamps and bedside lamps are interchangeable luxury lighting ideas to enhance your living room, bedroom and entryway interiors. When considering sense of space, flush mounts and recessed lighting are best fitted for interiors with restrictive ceiling heights while other architectural lighting fixtures like an eye-catching chandelier that draws the eye upward is better suited for spaces with high ceilings. Pendant lighting blends seamlessly into the landscape of an interior without drawing too much attention while sculpturesque lighting designs can serve as a conversation piece in a room.

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