Item    341604210
    An intense and enveloping female fragrance that evokes vivacious and unforgettable sensations, things that can’t be forgotten even with the passing of time. An ode to femininity and the magic alchemy that a meeting can unleash, leaving an indelible trace in the memory. An olfactory delight which embodies female elegance and femininity. South African Freesia buds, illuminated by a Solar Harmony, open up, blending their essence with delicate White Tea, fresh Mirabelle Plum Pulp and refreshing Calabrian Green Mandarin. The vibrant top note plunges into an amazing floral bouquet: the prized and classic Sambac Jasmine, Egyptian Jasmine, Imperial Gardenia and Grasse Rose blended with the exciting and sensual Turk’s Cap Lily and Brazilian Seringa create a sophisticated floral whirl, enlivened by the verve of Pink Pepper. The fragrance is complemented with the warm embrace of noble Atlas Cedarwood and exotic Siam Benzoin and Styrax, resting on a soft bed of White Musk.
    With a sensual soft touch thanks to the complete sandblasting process, the glass, partially hand processed by the craftsmen of Empoli, is sealed with a serial number that guarantees its quality and preciousness. Skilled artisans embellish the cap with silver leafs, making each piece a unique and distinct piece of work. 1920 numbered pieces for a collection that is all woman. The stopper blends harmoniously with the bottle. It is made of ebony colored wood and is embellished with the delicately engraved Bois 1920 logo. Light and shape combining give life to an exclusive jewel made by a master glass-blower.
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